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About 01J

Off the beaten path...
But still close to the heart of it all.

Hilliard Airpark was founded in 1969 after a parcel of land was deed by Nassau County to the Town of Hilliard.

The initial runway length was 2,000 feet but was later lengthened to 3,365 feet after additional land acquisition.

Runway 18-36 features pilot-activated lighting, PAPI at both ends, and is accessible via 4 taxiway entry points.

Currently, Hilliard Airpark is home to 24 hangars: a mixture of individual and bulk as well as a modern FBO building with a pilot lounge, flight planning center, conference room, kitchen with self serve beverages and snacks, and multiple bathrooms.

Strategically located in Northeast Florida, Hilliard Airpark is within 30 NM of the following airports:

  • Jacksonville International (KJAX)

  • Fernandina Beach Municipal (KFHB)

  • Cecil Field & Spaceport (KVQQ)

  • Davis Field, Folkston (3J6)

And is a great access point (by air or by car) to the region's most sought after amenities:

  • Amelia Island

  • Downtown Jacksonville

  • Jacksonville Beach

  • Historic St. Augustine

  • Jekyll Island

  • St. Simons Island

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